Apartment house near the lake

Basic information:
Property ID: 805
HU-8710 Balatonszentgyörgy
Region: Somogy
Area: Residential area
Price: 298.000 €
Living space: 380 sq. m.
Plot size: 2.718 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 15

Large holiday complex on the north bank

Basic information:
Property ID: 803
HU-8360 Gyenesdiás
Region: Zala
Area: City center
Type of object: Holiday bungalow
GLA: 13.568 sq. m.
Guest space: 1.000 sq. m.
Price: 1.100.000 €
Available from: by arrangement

House u. Studio in Hévíz

Basic information:
Property ID: 549
HU-8380 Hévíz
Region: Zala
Area: Residential area
Price: 175.000 €
Living space: 250 sq. m.
Plot size: 750 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 8